Aspire - AVP AIO Pod System

$ 24.95


The Aspire AVP steps out of the shadows as a pod system with triple wattage output and draw activation. Contrary to the small size of the AVP Pod System, it still creates large clouds and unparalleled flavor. This device also utilizes a proprietary pod that holds 2ml of e-liquid and uses a push to fill system for convenience and added protection to leakage.

The Aspire AVP AIO Pod System presents itself in a multi-angular design and a unibody constructed with zinc alloy. Laying in the center is a carbon fiber like texture that feels well done. A hexagon shaped single button is present underneath the "aspire" logo and acts as the battery life indicator, a simple on or off switch with five clicks, and the output wattage cycle with two clicks. Cycling through the wattage mode will indicate a specific color, Green being 12W, Blue being 10W, and finally red being 8W. Although the wattage of this device can be changed, it still dependent on the voltage output. This means that as the 700mAh integrated battery depletes, the lower this device can output. Fret not as this device can be easily charged via USB with up to 1A. 

A pod system is not complete with their replacement cartridges; The AVP's replacement pod can accommodate a maximum 2ml of e-liquid or salt nicotine. This pod attaches to the device with strong magnetic connections. Filling this pod is simple, locate the silver slot on the bottom and push down with your needle nose button. This allows the receding metal piece in the coil to open up all in one swift motion. This receding metal piece also acts as a safety precaution and prevents juice from leaking. Internally, the AVP Pod utilizes a nichrome coil rated at 1.2 ohm, perfect for mouth to lung usage. Adjacent to the coil is the airflow sensor which has its own proprietary connection on the device. 

The combination of a high performance coil system, ultra compact form factor, and simplicity makes the Aspire AVP a great on-the-go device! 

  • All In One System
    • Draw Activated Operation
      • 12W Maximum Output
        • Red
          • 8W
        • Blue
          • 10W
        • Green
          • 12W
      • Integrated 700 mAh Rechargeable Battery
        • Micro USB Charged
      • 2ml Pod Capacity
        • Bottom Filled
        • AVP Pod
          • 1.2 ohm Atomizer Resistance
          • Nichrome Coil Material
        • Clear Tank Reservoir
    • Direct Voltage Output
      • Based on Battery State
    • Compact Profile
      • 82mm by 39mm by 14mm
      • Perfect for Travel and Commuting
      • Easily Fits Within Shirt Pocket
      • Single Button Operation
    • LED Battery Life Indicator
      • Green
        • 4.2V to 3.8V
      • Blue
        • 3.7V to 3.5V
      • Red
        • 3.4V or Lower
    • Automatic Cut Off/ Short Circuit Protection/ Low Voltage Protection/ Overcharge Protection/ Overheat Protection
    • One Aspire AVP Pod System
    • Two 1.2 ohm AVP Replacement Pod
    • Micro USB Cable
    • One Lanyard
    • One Micro USB Charging Cable
    • User Manual and Warranty
    - +
    $ 24.95