Jomo - Ego Winder 650mAh Battery

$ 11.95

· All Li-ion batteries may vent or explode if they are misused.

· Over discharging and over charging these types of batteries can result in thermal runaway.

· Never leave your batteries unattended while they charge.

· Always remove batteries from charger when they are done charging.

· Never store batteries loosely in a pocket or purse. Batteries must be safely stored in a battery case on person.

· Never allow foreign metallic items come in contact with the positive and negative electrodes of any battery.

· Never discharge a battery past its specified cut-off voltage, which is typically 3.0 volts.

· NEVER surpass the batteries’ specified discharge rates given by the manufacturer.

    The voltage can be adjusted from 3.2V to 4.8V by turning the silver button on the bottom.  There is a red arrow indicating the setting.  Increasing the voltage will reduce the amount of time you can use the battery between charging.  Be sure to start at the lowest voltage and turn it up slowly.  Reduce the voltage if it starts to taste burnt.  Too much power may result in a burnt coil which will have to be replaced or it may stop functioning.

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    $ 11.95